cestladore has emerged as one of the fresh faces in a growing community of forward-thinking Portland producers. A key member of the rising STYLSS label/collective, along with local stalwarts like Quarry and Photon!, he has fused the popular trap sound with an aesthetic that invokes the Pacific Northwest taste profile. Based in Eugene, the up-and-coming beatmaker (real name Jordan Riley Davidson) has managed to stretch his influence to both ends of the state.

Davidson’s vocal sampling stands out as a distinct flavor in his compositions. Tracks like “I Need You More” and “I Used To” (making it’s debut here) showcase his ability to explore sounds atypical to the genre. The producer looks indiscriminately for influences in his own life: “My wife’s music taste is way different than mine so she exposes me to a lot of music that I usually end up sampling.” Trap-based grooves are ever-present, yet there’s a richness to the rhythms and textures in Davidson’s production that separates his work from that of many of his peers.

Finding influence in luminaries like Blockhead and DJ Signify, Davidson started producing as a means of expressing his musical ideas “without a band or collaborators.” His personal approach allows for a malleable composition process that flows naturally. The melodies that evolve from this approach, whether beautiful or downright haunting, are always unique and original.

With plans for more B-side releases in the near future and hopes for a major tour, cestladore is starting to make a profound impact on the electronic music community. Make a point to check him out at the Crown Room’s monthly Trap Funeral parties.