Alejandro Rose Garcia, the one-gentleman-band who comprises Shakey Graves, is one of the nicest guys with whom you’ll have the chance to smoke a cigarette.  And his voice, oh the voice.  Gravelly and sultry, his vocals bend notes, layering harmonies with just the slightest hint of an accent. He’s also a talented guitar player, both 6 and 12 string versions.  But perhaps most impressive of all, Ale (short for Alejandro for those in the know) has rigged his own percussion setup by inserting a drum head into a suitcase which he rocks on one foot pedal while the other foot pedal hits a tambourine.  All this while playing guitar and singing along – once you see his live show, you are an instant convert.

Shakey Graves became his stage name by way of a drug-infused visitor during a camping trip, explaining that it was Alejandro’s native name, and it just stuck. Travelling to LA for a stint, Ale moved back to his beloved Texas where he has become quite the celebrity – February 9th, 2012 was declared Shakey Graves day in the city of Austin.  Currently touring around the great state, Shakey will be back out on the wider US trail early next year, so be sure to look for him at a club near you – his show is not to be missed.