When we first set out to do this BANDxCITY thing, it was with the mission of highlighting emerging music from the most important cities and scenes that foster it, all in one place. Produced by the people invested in the music coming out of their city, BxC became a space known for its authentic, unwavering voice about local music culture, published for a deserving global audience.  Scouring cities from Seattle to Paris and Austin to London, we did this not to act as mere ambassadors, but as a disruptive form of grassroots A&R; to elevate and celebrate truly unrecognized talent.  Our charge was to find and publish what bloviating publicists and single-minded consumer marketers missed, and what the world needed to hear. As we approach a new year, we reflect on the over 1800 artists that we’ve showcased and are proud to say we achieved what we set out to do.  What we weren’t so sure what kind of response we’d see but we put in a lot of sweat, resources and passion into the management, development and daily execution that you – our readership – came to expect from our BxC family. As of now BANDxCITY is going on hiatus, but trust us – we’re still not totally satisfied. After exposing emerging artists from major and minor music markets across the globe we have decided to focus our energy on individuated efforts. We would like to thank all of the wonderful Barons, board members, consultants, friends, and of course listeners and supporters of this project. Without you, this could never have happened.  BANDxCITY began as a consortium of local culturalists who championed the development of local music scenes through exposure, consultation, production, and most of all connection. We know this job is never done, but could not be more thrilled with what local music we’ve been able to elevate to a global level. As we reflect on the archive of artists we showcased, the events we produced, and all the friends we have made, we hope that you, the BANDxCITY viewership, will continue to carry on our philosophy to Listen Global. Music is movement, so we urge you to always share what you love. (January 1, 2014)